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About Us

Best Store For Home Needs

SHIV HOME WORLD was established in the year 2015, but its joumey started way back in 1984, as SHIV STEEL PALACE by Late Shri Radheyshyam Choudhary, in which the concept of getting kitchen & home appliances under one roof was coined.

From the beginning of our journey, our motive is to satisfy customer’s needs and through the decades that followed from SHIV STEEL PALACE to make it into SHIV HOME WORLD by Mr.Agarwal’s who are second generation entrepreneurs.

At SHIV HOME WORLD, Mr. Mohit Kumar Agarwal, who is from third generation is responsible for the Company’s operations, growth and future prospects. His undying passion for scaling greater heights and setting even higher standards has resulted in the company gaining strong brand equity, where we provide it all under one roof to minimize the time & effort of our consumers into buying kitchen & home appliances.

We make sure we provide all high-quality products at a very good & affordable price. Understanding this emerging lifestyle, we strive to simplify & enrich the lives of our customer’s with our contemporary range of Kitchen & home appliances.

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Our Products

Shiv Home World - Home Appliance
Shiv Home World - Kitchen Appliance
Shiv Home World - Utensils and Pooja Items
Shiv Home World - Furnishing and Bags
Shiv Home World - Plastic Ware and Cleaning Solutions
Shiv Home World - Crockery Gift and Novelties
Shiv Home World - Sanitary ware and Tiles
Shiv Home World - Born Baby Toys and Sports Accessories
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