In the bustling marketplace of retail, one name stands out for its comprehensive range of products that elevate your home and lifestyle – Shiv Home World. This emporium is a treasure trove, offering a myriad of items that seamlessly blend utility with sophistication.

Gilts & Novelties:

Step into a world of aesthetic delight with Shiv Home World’s collection of Gilts & Novelties, adding a touch of elegance to your living space.

Idols | Artificial Flowers:

Enhance your decor with finely crafted idols and lifelike artificial flowers, bringing an element of spirituality and natural beauty.

Wall Clocks | Mirrors:

Timepieces that not only keep you punctual but also serve as stylish wall decor, perfectly marrying form and function, and adorn your walls with elegant mirrors.

Telephone | Crockery :

Stay connected with modern telephones, dine in style with exquisite crockery.

Yoga Mat | Door Mat | Dining Table Mat:

Invest in your well-being with premium yoga mats, welcome guests with stylish door mats, and protect your dining table with elegant mats.

Home Furnishing:

Indulge in luxurious bed sheets, cozy duvets, and elegant cordars, creating a haven of comfort in your home.

Quilts | Sofa Cover Blankets:

Experience warmth and sophistication with a splendid range of quilts and sofa cover blankets for chilly evenings.

Carpets | Woollen Clothes:

Step onto plush carpets, and wrap yourself in the softness of warm woolen clothes for a cozy and inviting home environment.

Rain Coats | Umbrellas

Be prepared for rainy days with stylish raincoats and umbrellas curtains, adorn your space with plush pillows, and add a pop of color with vibrant cushions.

Nightwear | Hosiery Towel | Mosquito Net | Sewing Machine Cover:

Relax in comfort with nightwear, wrap yourself in soft hosiery towels, and ensure a peaceful sleep with mosquito nets.

Bed Protector | Folding Mattress | Pillows | Cushions | Curtains :

Guard your bed with reliable protectors and embrace convenience with space-saving folding mattresses and adorn your space with plush pillows, curtains and add a pop of color with vibrant cushions. 

School & College Bags | Ladies Handbags :

Stay organized with a diverse range of school and college bags, and complement your style with fashionable ladies’ handbags. 

Handlooms | Sarees | Clutches:

Celebrate tradition with handloom sarees, accessorize with trendy clutches, and protect your sewing machine with stylish covers. 

Utensils | Stainless Steel | Cutlery | Brass | Aluminium | Cast Iron | Copper | German Silver | Pooja Items :

Elevate your spiritual space with divine pooja items and upgrade your kitchen with high-quality utensils and cutlery in a variety of materials, from durable stainless steel to classic copper. 

Hotel Ware | Kitchen Accessories | Wooden Products :

Set your table with hotel-worthy ware, and enhance your kitchen into a sanctuary with premium home and kitchen appliances, including pressure cookers, LPG gas stoves, chimneys, mixer grinders and wooden products.

Rest Room | Housekeeping | Toiletries :

Turn your restroom, and keep your home spotless with effective housekeeping solutions and  pamper yourself with premium toiletries.

Plastic Ware | Containers :

Organize with ease using a versatile range of plastic ware and container. 

Furniture | Chairs | Stools | Shoe Rack :

Furnish your space with stylish furniture, including comfortable chairs, stools, and functional shoe racks. 

Stationery | Sports Accessories | Toys | Games:

Fuel creativity with quality stationery, stay active with sports accessories, and entertain the family with a delightful collection of toys and games. 

Newborn Products :

Welcome your little one with newborn products.

Dive into the world of Shiv Home World – where quality meets aesthetics, and your home becomes a canvas for comfort and style.

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